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Artistic render of an AI and machine learning algorithm

The Difference Between AI and Machine Learning Explained

Oct 17, 2023 - Lou Farrell

What’s the difference between AI and machine learning? Which one is ChatGPT? This guide explains AI, ML and how they’re used today.

Types of Actuator Control Systems and Their Applications

Oct 13, 2023 - Lou Farrell

Actuators are a critical component for any industrial machine with moving parts. Every one of these devices also needs a system to control it, and these solutions deserve as much attention as the actuator itself.…

A force sensor testing a tennis ball

5 Fascinating Uses for Force Torque Sensors

Oct 9, 2023 - Emily Newton

How do force torque sensors work? Why are they an important part of robots, cars, machinery and more? This guide explains.

9 Types of Phishing and How to Avoid Them

Oct 5, 2023 - Ellie Gabel

Technology has come a long way, offering new possibilities for everyone. Unfortunately, that means cybercriminals have fresh opportunities, too. Whether they’re hacking into secure business networks to hold data for ransom or stealing your personal…

healthcare workers standing near an ambulance at night

8 Innovative Uses for AI in Healthcare

Oct 4, 2023 - Lou Farrell

The most innovative applications for AI in healthcare address modern problems. While many medical facilities have already explored using the technology in the diagnostic process, they have yet to tap into most of its potential.…


4 Reasons to Prioritize a Cloud-First Strategy

Oct 3, 2023 - Ellie Gabel

Implementing a cloud-first strategy requires dedication, but it benefits individual cloud enthusiasts and tech-forward enterprises. Once you jump the hurdle of planning installation and spending the money, what benefits will a cloud-first strategy yield you…

artistic visualization of a digtial twin modeling a city

Creative Ways to Use a Digital Twin Visualization

Sep 29, 2023 - Emily Newton

Digital twins are popular in industries like manufacturing and design, but what are some of the lesser-known ways to rely on a digital twin visualization? Find out about them here.

Conversational AI: Top 5 Risks of Chatbots

Conversational AI: Top 5 Risks of Chatbots

Sep 13, 2023 - Ellie Gabel

Conversational AI models might be impressive, but they’re not always safe. Everyone should know these top 5 risks of using chatbots.

an artistic representation of a business man using a decision making algorithm

What Should Leaders Know Before Using Decision-Making Algorithms?

Sep 8, 2023 - Emily Newton

Many business tools now feature decision-making algorithms. Here are some things for people to be aware of before using them.

7 Types of Medical Robots Improving Health Care Today

Sep 6, 2023 - Ellie Gabel

Accuracy and speed are crucial in the health care industry. Maintaining that can be difficult with manual processes and amid staffing shortages, but robots excel in both areas. Unsurprisingly, then, many health organizations are turning…

artistic representation of cobots as part of a robotic welding process

How Cobot Welders Increase Efficiency

Aug 29, 2023 - Emily Newton

Cobot welders are innovative employee assistants that boost efficiency, reduce waste, increase throughput and improve product quality. These robots are smart, flexible and user-friendly, making them a great investment for small shops and large manufacturers…

10 Best Programming Books to Read in 2023

Aug 29, 2023 - Revolutionized Team

The best programming books can help you teach yourself to code, expand your skills and boost your resume. Check out these top 10 in 2023!

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