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students working on a robotics project

Robotics Engineering Courses: Top Colleges in the U.S.

Feb 10, 2023 - Emily Newton

Robotics engineering courses are among the best technical education programs you can invest in today. Here are the top programs to consider.

Types of Robotic Sensors and Their Uses in Everyday Life

Feb 1, 2023 - Ellie Gabel

You might not have noticed some of them, but robotic sensors are present in many places in our modern, digital world. They help us make small meticulous tasks more efficient and secure. This guide takes…

Thinking About Using Robotics in Manufacturing? Do These Things First

Nov 22, 2022 - Ellie Gabel

It’s becoming more popular to use robotics in manufacturing. Applications are most likely to succeed when people pay attention to certain factors. Learn them here.

history of robotics in space

The Astonishing History of Robotics in Space

Oct 4, 2022 - Ellie Gabel

The history of robotics in space is full of incredible discoveries! From the Moon to Saturn and beyond, here are the highlights.

Best Home Robots to Make Your Life Easier in 2023

May 3, 2022 - Revolutionized Team

Home robots appear to be the devices of the future. Here are some of the best ones you can bring home today to help make your life easier.

Human-Robot Collaboration: What Are the Possibilities?

Apr 21, 2022 - Ellie Gabel

Check out what can happen during the most beneficial human-robot collaboration efforts.

How Could Having a Cobot Assembly Line Help Manufacturers?

Jan 27, 2022 - Emily Newton

Have you considered building a cobot assembly line? Check out these real-world examples of the possibilities.

Battlebots competition

BattleBots Combine Technology and Tactical Skill for Success

Sep 7, 2021 - Revolutionized Team

BattleBots is a long-running fighting robot tournament. The program offers hobbyists and beginner designers great examples of robot engineering in action.

How Could Driverless Cars Change Our Society?

Mar 23, 2021 - Emily Newton

Driverless cars are not yet mainstream. However, it’s already becoming obvious that they might change the world.

robot chef with frying pan

Will Robot Chefs Arrive in a Kitchen Near You?

Feb 3, 2021 - Emily Newton

Robot chefs may soon help make your meals. Check out these real-life examples and benefits to customers and the foodservice industry.

How to Become a Robotics Technician

Sep 24, 2020 - Emily Newton

There’s never been a better time to purse a career in robotics. What exactly is a robotics technician, and how do you become one?

Everything You Need to Know About the History of Robotics

Aug 18, 2020 - Emily Newton

When were robots first used? Read about the history of robotics to learn when they were first introduced and how they evoloved over time.

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