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2021 Warehouse Automation Trends You Need to Know

Mar 16, 2021 - Revolutionized Team

In 2021, new data collection and processing tech may drive a range of new automation trends—like predictive maintenance and new robotics.

Trials for Drone Deliveries Aim To Solve Logistical Challenges

Feb 1, 2021 - Emily Newton

Are drone deliveries the answer to last-mile delivery challenges? Check out these real-world examples that explore that all-important question and could impact society for the better.

Is There a Truck Driver Shortage?

Aug 29, 2019 - Emily Newton

Is there actually a truck driver shortage? Let’s take a closer look at the numbers to see how the trucking industry is doing.

How to Overcome Key Challenges Facing Logistics Today

Dec 31, 2018 - Emily Newton

There are many factors to success in logistics. What are the key challenges facing logistics today, and what are some strategies to overcome them?

Are You Comfortable Driving by an Autonomous Tractor-Trailer?

Nov 23, 2016 - Emily Newton

On October 20, 2016, the well-known beer company Anheuser-Busch made a test run with its new autonomous tractor-trailer. Here’s how the test-drive went.

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NASA's Perseverance Rover successfully touched down on the red planet on February 18, 2021. The rover's main goal is to search for signs of alien life. Perseverance will also collect rock samples and regolith for a possible return to earth. Thumbnail Credit: NASA

The term 5G has been a buzzword on the internet for some time now, but what exactly is this technology and how is it different from our current 4G networks? Watch this video Tech Vision to learn about this technology or read our article about 5G technology before it becomes mainstream. Thumbnail Designed by Freepik