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Pros and Cons of Using Wood Filament in 3D Printers

Nov 14, 2023 - Ellie Gabel

Wood filament is a unique 3D printing material that combines a polylactic acid (PLA) base with natural wood fibers. This unique blend allows users to create 3D-printed objects with the appearance and texture of actual…

A 3D printer printing something.

3D-Printed Prototypes: The Complete Guide

Nov 13, 2023 - Ellie Gabel

3D-printed prototypes are incredibly popular in manufacturing. What exactly are they and how are they made?

start working with a 3d printer

How to Start 3D Printing: The Beginner’s Guide

Sep 25, 2023 - Ellie Gabel

3D printing seems like the stuff of science fiction to some, but it is the future of innovative living. Learn how to start 3D printing today!

How Does Resin 3D Printing Work?

Sep 21, 2023 - Ellie Gabel

How does resin 3D printing work? How does it compare to FDM printing? Here’s what 3D printing users should know about SLA technology.

how to replace 3D printer nozzles

How to Replace Your 3D Printer Nozzle in 5 Steps

Apr 25, 2023 - Ellie Gabel

Want to replace 3D printer nozzles safely and easily? The process of replacing your printer’s nozzle is simple with these five steps.

How to Determine If You Need 3D Printing Supports

Apr 19, 2023 - Ellie Gabel

3D printers have been a tremendous breakthrough for unseasoned inventors and experienced engineers alike. The manufacturing industry is quickly capitalizing on the design possibilities and convenience that additive manufacturing has unlocked. However, there are also…

a 3d printer printing a tool

7 Functional 3D Prints That Will Organize Your Workspace

Apr 17, 2023 - Ellie Gabel

Need to organize your workspace? You can use functional 3D prints to create your own customizable storage system.

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Learn About 3D Printing With These Top 6 Resources

Apr 13, 2023 - Emily Newton

If you want to learn about 3D printing, start with these six resources. We’ve compiled a list of the best content to get beginners started!

Future Tech: 4D Printing

Mar 30, 2023 - Ellie Gabel

New 3D-printing technology may soon allow manufacturers to create self-assembling “four-dimensional” objects with unique physical properties. 4D-printing technology takes advantage of smart materials that change shape over time or when exposed to certain environmental conditions,…

a 3d printer on a shelf

How to Set up a 3D Printer for the First Time

Mar 29, 2023 - Emily Newton

Here are some tips and tricks to help you learn how to set up a 3D printer the first time. Start printing in no time. Get started now!

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What Is the Best 3D Printer for Beginners?

Feb 25, 2023 - Lou Farrell

What’s the best 3D printer for beginners? This is an exciting technology taking hobbyists and several industries by storm. Learn more here.

a 3D printer printing multiple objects at once

How Is Multi-Material 3D Printing Done and What Can You Make With It?

Feb 17, 2023 - Revolutionized Team

Multi-material 3D printing is an amazing way to create flexible structures, printed electronics and even biological prints. Learn more here.