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The Best MedTech Apps in 2022

June 7, 2022 - Ellie Gabel

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Medical apps can be anything from amazingly useful to downright dreadful and unusable. Medical professionals may be used to vetting and trying out different apps to see whether they work for them or their patients. The following apps are some of the best MedTech apps out there and can be used by physicians to better understand their patients.

1. Medscape

Medscape is an excellent online tool that can help any health care professional or anyone interested in the field. Users can use the website to navigate through the latest medical news and track what may be trending. The app takes this information a step further and can give users education and answers all in one app.

Users can learn more about the anatomy of any part of their bodies and seek help from professionals in their field and others. Medscape has the largest network used by both licensed physicians and medical students, which is also accessible through the app. All medical information is available at a user’s fingertips once they download Medscape’s free app.

2. Generis

The Generis app is an excellent tool for patients who need to monitor their diet or change their eating habits. Based on a user’s DNA, it can recommend personalized food and dietary goals. Users will find out which foods work best for them and which they should avoid altogether. It can be a helpful app for health care professionals to recommend to their patients when instructing that they lose weight for surgery or better quality of life.

This app can also help users with their physical performance by recommending training plans. Patients who want to improve their physical composition may enjoy having personalized training plans and exercise recommendations there in the same app. Even physicians can enjoy the benefits this app can bring them through its many recommended plans.

3. GoodRx

GoodRx’s app is a must-have for physicians and patients alike. Downloading the app has many benefits, such as saving around 80% on prescriptions and comparing pharmacy prices. A user can also sign up to receive notifications on deals and savings, so this free app proves itself useful every day. Physicians can recommend this app to their patients and even use it to keep up with deals themselves.

4. MDCalc

The MDCalc app can help any user with just about any question they have. It has desktop and app compatibility, meaning users can swap between the mobile and desktop versions of the website without any issues while retaining their information. The app can function well offline, which is great news for those in rural areas or who don’t have internet access within a building.

Users can customize the menus as they see fit and enjoy the advanced search options to find exactly what they’re looking for. The calculator can help medical professionals understand anything about their patients. This app is a definite must-have for physicians and students of all experience levels simply because it is resourceful.

5. VeinSeek Pro

This app is the only one available that can help medical professionals find veins more easily. Using infrared technology, medical professionals can look through the app to find a vein that they can use. The app also has some zooming functionality, meaning physicians can zoom in to get a better shot. It’s an excellent app for all professionals to use that eases the stress that comes with their jobs.

6. VisualDx

This impressive diagnostic tool can use visuals of people to help understand what ails them. By collecting these images, medical professionals can see and understand how the same ailment might present itself differently in certain age groups or skin colors. Over 2,000 hospitals rely on VisualDx to provide them with diagnosis help and knowledge of how different sicknesses, diseases, and conditions manifest in various human beings.

7. MyChart

Anyone can download MyChart directly to their phone. Physicians who work with MyChart should recommend the app to any of their patients with a smartphone. Patients can easily look up their medical history, appointments, prescriptions, and more all in one app. They also have total control over their medical records, which they can share with physicians as they need them.

Choose the Apps That Work Well

Every physician has to choose whether a certain app will work well for them and their patients. They should examine the services they offer and whether the app will make a difference in their daily lives. Ideally, physicians want an app that will make their jobs easier. Not every app is excellent for patient use, and some patients may get more benefits out of an app than their health care professionals.

The more widespread use of these apps in the future is positively inevitable. Ultimately, it’s up to health care professionals and their patients to see which apps work for them.

Revolutionized is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commision. Learn more here.


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