A Quick Guide to the Best Automation Testing Tools

May 11, 2021 - Emily Newton

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Many developers now strongly prefer automation testing tools to the manual efforts they once relied on during their work. That’s no surprise, especially since teams must frequently release new products or updates and feel confident that they meet customer requirements without malfunctioning. 

The Main Benefits of Automation Testing

One of the top reasons to pursue automation testing is that it accelerates the feedback cycle. When developers find errors faster, they can work more efficiently. The alternative is discovering them later in the development process, which can cause numerous slowdowns. 

Another advantage is that team members spend less time ensuring that an app or site’s new features work as intended. Many automated testing platforms let people run their tests on multiple platforms and browsers. That makes it easier to accurately gauge the performance of newly developed products or features once thousands of people or more start using them. 

Relying too much on manual testing can also limit the number of features evaluated within an app. Automation testing addresses that challenge by allowing people to progressively add more tests to a platform and even make minor tweaks to existing versions rather than creating new ones from scratch. 

Those are just some of the many advantages that people experience when using automation testing tools for enhanced web development. Here are some of the best ones to try. 


TestProject is an open-source automation tool. Developers trying to automate on tight budgets will appreciate that it’s a free product, and no credit card is required to sign up. It supports both coded and codeless web, mobile and API tests. 

This tool also has web and mobile recorders to capture real-time activity without latency. Many of today’s automated testing tools have artificial intelligence (AI) features, and this product is one of them. 

For example, there is a self-healing feature that fixes broken web element locators. Ones that function properly allow test automation tools to programmatically interact with web pages. The AI feature can detect broken or missing locators and address those issues. 

TestProject also offers a feature that automatically creates executive test reports in PDF and HTML formats. Real-time analytics dashboards let people see details about tests in progress or completed ones. They show breakdowns of pass and failure rates, too, helping start the all-important debugging process. 

Developers who’ve tried TestProject also like that the tool offers web and cloud-based usage options. The cloud aspect facilitates test management and sharing, even when a company has development team members working from multiple places. 


This is an automation testing tool specifically for checking mobile apps. Statistics show there were an astounding 218 billion app downloads in 2020. However, many people will lose patience with applications that don’t work as expected. That’s one of the primary reasons why it’s crucial to test thoroughly before a product’s release. 

Kobiton offers several types of testing, including automated options. One of the benefits of automation testing with this company is that it includes a proprietary technology that ensures tests run the same way on all mobile devices used. That means people don’t need to engage in hours of script updates. 

Kobiton representatives conducted an automation testing survey published in 2020. The results showed that 55% of respondents agreed that automation resulted in better-quality software. However, 76% of those polled said they automated less than half of their tests. That suggests there are still barriers that could prevent web developers from fully utilizing automation testing. 

This tool could relieve many of them. For example, it offers cloud-based mobile devices that developers can use to see how their apps function on real gadgets. Using those removes the challenges of managing devices on-site and allows developers to avoid the limitations of emulators. 

Coders are valuable parts of programming teams. Many learn coding languages as hobbyists then turn their enthusiasm into a career. However, some companies lack enough coders, which can present challenges during testing. One nice thing about Kobiton is that it has an intelligent feature that allows creating automated test scripts by executing a manual test that replays on hundreds of devices. That option doesn’t require coding.

SmartBear TestComplete

This product supports user interface testing for web, mobile and desktop applications. Developers appreciate that automation testing tools help them save time, and this product is a good example of what’s possible. It has an AI hybrid object recognition tool that allows users to identify and remedy issues more efficiently. 

There is also a scriptless Record and Replay feature. It allows recording a test once, then launching it on various applications. Similarly, people can speed up the testing process with an automated test reuse option. It facilitates creating and executing modular test scripts that work across multiple environments and projects.

If a company has external or internal data sources, they can use them to assist with testing while using SmartBear TestComplete. The interface also creates test logs that allow developers to quickly identify problems they need to fix. Test results can also be broken down into environmental configurations, which let people see if certain browsers or operating systems lead to errors. 

People who are unfamiliar with this product or automation testing will find lots of helpful content within a Resources section on the product website. It includes an FAQ, online community and training modules. Users can opt for livestreaming sessions or on-demand video content. 


Selenium is a bit different from the other products discussed here so far. That’s because it’s a comprehensive automation testing framework. However, since it’s free and open-source, this is a frequently chosen solution. Various products fall under the Selenium umbrella, and users work with different ones depending on their testing needs. 

For example, Selenium IDE allows exporting test cases in various formats. Selenium RC lets users run their tests against different browsers on several operating systems. People who are new to automation testing will likely find Selenium IDE suits their needs best. 

They can create automated tests with little or no programming knowledge. They can then export them to other products within the Selenium suite, including WebDriver. One perk of WebDriver is that users can design their tests in specific programming languages. 

Selenium offers browser-based automation. Although people primarily use it for testing purposes, they can also automate administrative IT tasks. 

People who need help while using products within the Selenium suite will find several options to explore. The most commonly utilized resource is an official user group. However, there’s also a Slack channel and an IRC chat room. 

Perfecto Scriptless

This is a tool geared toward teams that want to take advantage of the best that automation testing offers without engaging in a lot of setup time or maintenance. One of the possible downsides of Selenium is that it requires coding. Perfecto Scriptless claims people can get things done four times faster than with Selenium because there’s no need to code. 

Moreover, like some other products in the automation testing space, this cloud-based offering has an AI tool that takes care of up to 97% of broken tests with self-healing technology. People can also save time by setting up programming schedules that dictate when their automated tests run. 

One of the convenient things about Perfecto Scriptless is that people can set up real-time notifications about test results or other events, then receive them in various ways. They can use a Slack channel, text message or email inbox. 

When it’s time to analyze test reports, AI comes into the picture again. It filters out noise that could make analysis more challenging, then provides screenshots and videos that show developers what to fix. 

Start Exploring Automation Testing Tools Today

Web development professionals often find themselves in situations where they lack adequate time to test as thoroughly as best practices suggest. Fortunately, automation testing tools like the ones listed here can assist in those circumstances. Many are user-friendly and packed with features that cater to today’s web development experts.

There’s also no need to make a large upfront investment when trying these tools. Besides the complimentary, open-source options, numerous fee-based solutions provide free trials. That makes it easy to investigate them before making a financial commitment.

Revolutionized is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commision. Learn more here.


Emily Newton

Emily Newton is a technology and industrial journalist and the Editor in Chief of Revolutionized. She enjoys reading and writing about how technology is changing the world around us.

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  1. John on July 15, 2021 at 12:33 am

    Thank you, Emily, for coming up with a nicely curated list of the best automation testing tools available on the market today. It is nice to see TestProject, Kobiton, SmartBear TestComplete, Selenium, and Perfecto Scriptless in your list of best automation testing tools. Now that the testing tools framework has matured beyond the old age heavyweight script based platforms, CxO’s should take this as an opportunity to transform testing for modern delivery with the similar no code/low code approach that’s predominantly driving digital transformation. The Scriptless Test Automation framework proposes a pragmatic approach that can save time and reduce costs. It should also leverage the true potential of collaboration to deliver faster and should easily be accessible to both functional experts and non-technical users. Here is an insightful article on why CxO’s can’t ignore Scriptless Test Automation –

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