The Best Upcoming AI Classes Near Me

July 20, 2023 - Emily Newton

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Why should I enroll in AI Classes near me? Intelligent learning models have become a massive global trend, so learning more about them could be incredibly advantageous. Plus, many organizations and institutions offer free courses — who could turn that down?  

Where are the Best AI Classes Near Me?

While many institutions offer high-quality artificial intelligence (AI) classes, many are only available if you live nearby. What options are there if there are no AI classes near me? Luckily, you can access online options from anywhere in the world. 

1. Encoder-Decoder Architecture

One of Google’s latest AI classes involves machine learning (ML) architecture. It takes only a day yet offers quality content for those with an intermediate understanding of the subject. The best part is that it’s absolutely free. 

Here is a general overview:

  • Prerequisites: You must build an ML model, so you need some background knowledge of the architecture and coding.
  • Audience: The course is for data scientists and ML engineers. 
  • Enrollment: Since there’s no instructor, you can enroll and complete it anytime.
  • Cost: This class is free. 

It teaches you how to code, train and implement encoder-decoder ML models. You’ll watch multiple educational videos and take quizzes to progress. Google provides a link to all the necessary “lab” resources. 

2. Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning

Stanford University’s natural language processing (NLP) course provides up to 15 hours of material per week for around two months. In addition to new knowledge, you receive a certificate of achievement and 10 continuing education units from the institution.

Here is a general overview:

  • Prerequisites: You should have proficiency in Python, knowledge of college-level math and an understanding of probability theory. 
  • Audience: The class caters to industry professionals looking to explore the concept of NLP and AI. It has flexible scheduling, so you can progress at your own pace.
  • Enrollment: You must enroll before September 11, 2023.
  • Cost: This course costs a single tuition payment of $1,750. 

It primarily covers the fundamentals and innovations of NLP and related technologies at a graduate level. It focuses on deep learning, a subset of ML that utilizes a neural network to process information. You’ll also learn about language processing, word vectors and predictive behavior.  

You must complete an application before enrolling to gauge your understanding and interest in the topic — it likely won’t bar you from joining, as it’s just supposed to verify you meet the prerequisites.

3. Designing and Building AI Products and Services

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology partnered with the online education platform Emeritus to offer a class for business professionals. It will require around six hours of your time per week for close to three months. It builds foundational knowledge before progressing to model construction. 

Here is a general overview:

  • Prerequisites: Each week provides a new course, some of which have specific requirements. You can find them in their brochures or on their landing pages.
  • Audience: The target audience of the course is entrepreneurs, industry professionals, technology consultants and UX designers.
  • Enrollment: You must enroll before August 17, 2023. 

Since it acts as a sort of guide for professional AI implementation, it goes very in-depth. Nearly 86% of companies knew of AI in 2020, so it makes sense to tailor instruction toward business. In addition to the technical aspects of the concept, it also covers how to overcome potential obstacles and present the model to stakeholders.

4. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python

Harvard’s seven-week introduction to AI class provides between 10 and 30 hours of material weekly. The institution designed it around CS50, one of its most popular courses. Plus, it lets you progress at your own pace.

Here is a general overview:

  • Prerequisites: You must take Harvard’s CS50 class or have Python experience before enrolling. Additionally, you’ll need an understanding of college-level math and computer science.
  • Audience: The material is introductory but targets computer scientists and AI engineers. 
  • Enrollment: You must enroll before July 18, 2023.
  • Cost: While enrollment costs $250 and grants you unlimited access to course materials, you can audit the class for free instead — but be mindful that registering without payment won’t result in a certificate.

The introduction to AI class covers foundational concepts before progressing to hands-on learning. You’ll build on your understanding to ultimately code your own ML model by the end.

5. Supervised ML: Regression and Classification

Stanford University offers a free online course from Andrew Ng for beginners looking to deepen their understanding of AI. It takes around 33 hours to complete, depending on your pace — the scheduling is supposed to be somewhat flexible.

Here is a general overview:

  • Prerequisites: You only need to have an understanding of Python to build the model. 
  • Audience: This course is for beginners.
  • Enrollment: You must enroll before July 18, 2023. 
  • Cost: This class is free.

It starts off by introducing ML before moving on to regression and classification. The instructor teaches you how to build and train models for specific tasks. You cover three models in as many weeks as you progress.

Since the course is for people with an entry-level understanding of the topic, you don’t need in-depth knowledge of ML concepts. It’s a low-stakes experience that can expand your view — it may be rewarding even if you already have a solid understanding. 

6. Certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer Program

The United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII) offers an AI engineer class for graduates breaking into the industry or those who want to get certification. It will take up to 10 hours per week for at least one month — it varies because you learn at your own pace.

Here is a general overview:

  • Prerequisites: You must apply to enroll. This specific USAII class requires an associate degree, diploma or equivalent at a minimum — preferably in a relevant field. In addition, you need at least two years of experience with any kind of programming language.
  • Audience: This course is for undergraduates, entry-level professionals and those interested in learning more about AI.
  • Enrollment: Since it’s ongoing, you can enroll and complete it anytime.
  • Cost: The course has a program fee of a few hundred dollars to provide materials, online workshops and educational videos. You can pay upfront or in installments.

The class focuses on building professional AI skills, so it covers a wide variety of topics. You’ll go in-depth into topics on ML, deep learning, computer vision, NLP and reinforcement models. Once you complete it, you get a certificate. 

7. Introduction to Machine Learning and AI

The Rasberry Pi Foundation has a two-month class on AI concepts. While you go at your own pace, it should take you about two to four hours weekly. It’s introductory, so it’s suitable for entry-level learners.

Here is a general overview:

  • Prerequisites: A basic understanding of computer science and scratch programming is the only prerequisite you’ll need. 
  • Audience: This course is for beginners wishing to broaden their understanding of AI. Be mindful that those in Iran, Cuba and the Crimea region of Ukraine won’t be able to take this course without a VPN due to technical issues with educational licenses. 
  • Enrollment: You must enroll by August 1, 2023.
  • Cost: While it costs $49 to enroll, you can audit the class for free — but keep in mind that you won’t receive a certificate and you’ll only have temporary access to course materials.

Over the course of four weeks, you’ll learn what AI is and what subsets are. The class covers various simple concepts in-depth to give you a deeper understanding of the fundamentals. 

Which AI Classes Near Me are the Best?

The best upcoming AI Classes Near Me are entirely online. They come from well-known institutions and offer in-depth education on the latest in intelligent learning model technology. While many have ongoing open enrollment, some have strict registration dates — it’s better to get started as soon as possible.

Revolutionized is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commision. Learn more here.


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