Geeky Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Significant Other Will Love

February 5, 2019 - Emily Newton

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Valentine’s Day is coming up, and if you haven’t chosen that perfect gift for the special person in your life, you’re quickly running out of time. Finding the right gift isn’t always easy, so with that in mind, we’ve gathered a list of some of the best Geeky Valentine’s gifts to make your shopping trip a little easier. We wouldn’t say no to getting a few of these ourselves!

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Color-Changing Lightsaber Umbrella

Amazon: $26.99

Carrying an umbrella can be tedious. We don’t get cool ones like Galahad’s bulletproof anti-personnel umbrella from Kingsman: The Secret Service. We can’t even find a machine gun umbrella like Penguin’s in Batman Returns, but that doesn’t mean hiding from the rain has to be boring. Hook your special someone up with a lightsaber umbrella. The saber supports a massive black umbrella — though you can opt for other colors as well — and even changes colors!

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Donkey Kong Yahtzee

Amazon: $39.99

Do you have someone in your life who loves the classics — 90s video game classics, that is? If you do, this Donkey-Kong-themed Yahtzee game is the perfect gift. The iconic red rolling cup has been replaced by a DK barrel, and the D6’s feature classic Donkey Kong characters from Donkey and Diddy to a barrel and a banana. Pick this product up and plan a game night — DK-themed cocktails are optional but recommended.

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Image Source: Etsy – Had it Made Design Studio

Periodic Table Cutting Board

Etsy: $38.00

Cooking is just science that you get to eat when you’re done, so why not let your significant other know that their cooking is Hydrogen-Oxygen-Tritium (HOT!) with this periodic table cutting board?

This incredibly unique gift can be ordered in Beech, Maple or Mahogany wood and features every element that we currently know of. Treat it with food-grade mineral oil once in a while, and this cutting board might survive the heat-death of the universe. This product is just one of the many gifts that might work well for your budding kitchen alchemist — check out a few more here!

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Make Your Own Chocolate Kit

Amazon: $12.50

What is Valentine’s Day without the chocolate? Instead of buying a box of chocolates, why not give that special someone in your life a chance to make their own? This Make Your Own Chocolate kit comes with everything from cocoa powder to cocoa butter, and it walks you through the steps of mixing, tempering and pouring your own chocolates. It even comes with a couple of cocoa beans so that you can find out what chocolate tastes likes before you add cocoa butter and sugar. (Spoiler alert — it’s not very good!)

Star Trek Valentine, Star Trek, geeky valentines, geeky valentine's
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Star Trek TOS Bluetooth Communicator

Amazon: $580+

Star Trek gave us so many things, from addressing complex moral issues to the idea for cell phones, iPads and so much more. This Bluetooth Communicator is the perfect gift for anyone who’s ever wanted to sit in the captain’s chair.

Modeled after the communicator from The Original Series, this nifty gift syncs to your phone so that you can leave it in your pocket and flip open your communicator to answer calls instead. If your special someone is more of a Next Generation Fan, you could opt for a Bluetooth Combadge instead, which is $59.99 on Amazon.

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Bonus: Quirky Valentines Cards

While we may be old enough that making cards for everyone in the class is just a bitter memory, you don’t want to deliver your perfect geeky valentine’s gift without an equally geeky card to go with it! Let them know they’re in your thoughts with a Periodic Table card that says “I think about U periodically.” (U is the chemical symbol for Uranium.) Or channel your inner Han Solo with an “I Love You”/”I Know” set of cards. The possibilities are endless.

If you’re still struggling to find the perfect gift for that special, geeky valentine in your life, hopefully this list will make your search a bit easier. All of these gifts are available for purchase as of the time of this writing — we were careful to avoid anything that’s currently out of stock or that you wouldn’t be able to have delivered by Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day to all you geeks and geek-lovers out there!

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This article originally published 2/5/2019 was updated on 2/6/2020 to remove out of stock items from the list.

Revolutionized is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commision. Learn more here.


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