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15 Useful Supply Chain Magazines and Blogs to Read

November 20, 2023 - Emily Newton

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Finding up-to-date news on such niche topics as logistics, transportation, warehousing and storage might seem like an impossible task. With the advent of the internet, however, supply chain magazines and blogs make it easy to keep up with industry developments. Here are 15 publications to check out. 

1. Supply Chain 24/7

This online news source publishes articles related to transportation, warehousing, risk management and sustainability in the supply chain. In addition to its online blog, Supply Chain 24/7 also operates a podcast that covers everything from inventory management to energy use in the materials handling industry. It also features a directory of universities that offer supply chain degrees.

2. Supply Chain Management Review

This supply chain magazine and online blog offers in-depth articles about emerging supply chain technology, professional development and trends in global sourcing. It also covers supply chain financial systems, software, logistics and education opportunities within the supply chain sector. The magazine comes out seven times per year.

3. All Things Supply Chain

This blog covers supply chain news, including world economics, the release of new technology and digitalization. It also discusses current trends and challenges in the sector. Its Amazing Supply Chain category features the history and current operations of specific companies and products, including Amazon, honey and vinyl records. 

4. Supply Chain World

This supply chain magazine publishes regular industry updates. Its articles include interviews with leading experts, covering topics such as automation, supplier diversity and climate change’s impact on supply chains. Each issue highlights strategies professionals can use to become more efficient in their field by helping experts find and correct weak spots in their supply chain.

5. CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly

Six times a year, this supply chain magazine delivers a fresh issue that includes the latest industry news. Topics include procurement, transportation, product design, warehousing, human resources, finance and information technology. The publication advises supply chain professionals on ways to run a successful operation.

6. Supply Chain Movement

Readers can view this Netherlands-based quarterly magazine online. It features interviews with industry leaders and covers topics such as sustainability, data science, end-to-end visibility and software solutions in supply chain management. The digital blog also publishes stories about supply chain network design, finance, investing and more. 

7. SupplyChainBrain

This online news source regularly publishes articles, webinars, videos and podcasts about the global supply chain. It covers topics in logistics, technology, warehousing and supply chain management. SupplyChainBrain discusses emerging trends and best practices in the industry while offering new ideas and solutions to ongoing challenges.

8. Supply Chain Digital

Readers can access the Supply Chain magazine online to read about logistics, technology, sustainability and strategic sourcing. Supply Chain Digital also publishes engaging articles on its website to keep readers informed about the latest supply chain news. 

9. Supply Chain Digest

This online publication releases featured articles and news stories about current trends in the supply chain, such as Google’s new AI tools and issues facing the trucking sector. The site covers logistics management, distribution, RFID, transportation, manufacturing, material handling and much more.

10. Supply Chain Dive

This website publishes articles on topics like operations, procurement, technology, regulation, freight and logistics. Its main audience is professionals working in the supply chain industry. The blog gives readers the latest information and striking insights into current industry best practices, helping people stay up to date on every aspet of the supply chain. It covers the impact of events like political situations and natural disasters on the global movement of goods.

11. MHD Supply Chain Solutions

This Australian magazine and bi-weekly online newsletter is a crucial resource for anyone working in the supply chain industry. It covers the latest equipment, services and technology that experts use in the field. The publication helps readers stay informed about developments in warehousing, transportation, materials handling, automation and logistics. It also covers sustainability and safety within the supply chain.

12. Logistics Manager

This magazine is available both online and in print. It comes out ten times annually, with the January and August issues only available in digital format. Logistics Manager is a leading publication for UK supply chain amnagers in the industrial, commercial and retail sector, covering trends that shape the world of logistics, intralogistics and the supply chain. It focuses heavily on new technology and developments changing the sector.

13. Supply Chain Brief

Although not an individual publication, the Supply Chain Brief website is a great resource for industry professionals looking for information about the supply chain. The site collects supply-chain-related webinars, downloadable resources and blog posts in one spot so readers can easily access them. It organizes its content both by topic and format — such as articles and ebooks — to make the content easier to find. Posts that readers find most valuable automatically move closer to the top of the site.

14. Supply Professional 

This Canadian supply chain magazine provides readers with critical information they need to adapt to the ever-changing global supply chain. Previously known as Modern Purchasing and PurchasingB2B, this over-60-year-old publication comes out six times a year. Supply Professional also publishes an online newsletter once a week and runs a blog that covers supply chain news. The publication features opinion pieces, interviews with professionals and expert analyses on many supply chain topics.

15. Association for Supply Chain Management Blog

The Association for Supply Chain Management publishes an online blog to serve supply chain professionals. It covers ongoing political events — such as wars and natural disasters — as well as technological advancements that shape the supply chain. It also discusses what specific companies are doing and how their actions impact the supply chain. The blog is a great resource for anyone looking to read about logistics, inventory management, transportation, procurement and more. 

The Cutting Edge of Supply Chain News

Professionals in the warehousing, logistics, shipping and storage industries need a deep understanding of the global movement of goods. Subscribing to supply chain magazines and blogs can help keep industry specialists informed and up-to-date, helping them better navigate the supply chain sector. 

Revolutionized is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commision. Learn more here.


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