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beakers and flasks on the periodic table of elements

How to Read the Periodic Table of Elements

Mar 7, 2024 - Emily Newton

Our guide makes it easy to read the periodic table of elements. Learn about atomic numbers, atomic mass, atomic symbols, and how to classify elements.

close up of semicondutor containing the metalloid silicon

Everyday Uses of Metalloids

Mar 7, 2024 - Emily Newton

Finding the metalloids/ semimetals on the perodic table is hard. Read more to learn about what are metalloids and where might you use them in your life.

helium is a noble gas

Properties of Noble Gases: Everyday Uses

Sep 16, 2020 - Emily Newton

What are the properties of noble gases and what uses do they have in everyday life? Find out why they conduct electricity and more now!

Chlorine is a commonly used halogen element

Everyday Uses of Halogens

Sep 9, 2020 - Emily Newton

What are halogens, and where might you encounter them in your daily life? Keep reading to learn more about halogen properties and traits.

our atmosphere contains nonmetal elements and other compounds

Everyday Uses of Nonmetals

Sep 2, 2020 - Emily Newton

The properties of nonmetals vary due to the dramatic differences in these elements. However, they primarily appear as gasses. Keep reading to learn more.

aluminum beer cans on ice

Basic Metals: Everyday Uses

Aug 19, 2020 - Emily Newton

Metal is everywhere, and today we’re going to take a closer look at the basic metals. Also known as poor metals, you probably encounter quite a few of these in your daily life.

uranium bomb explosion is an example use of an actinide element

Everyday Uses of Actinides

Aug 12, 2020 - Emily Newton

Did you know that they used to use plutonium to power pacemakers? Keep reading to learn about the actinides properties and uses!

modern tvs contain lantanide elements

Everyday Uses of Lanthanides: The Rare Earth Elements

Aug 5, 2020 - Emily Newton

Also known as rare earth elements, these 14 elements all fall between the atomic numbers of 57 and 71 of the periodic table. Learn more now!

gold is one of the most common transition metals

Everyday Uses of Transition Metals

Jul 29, 2020 - Emily Newton

You encounter metals every single day, and chances are, the majority of the ones you encounter are the transition metals. What are transition metals?

magnesium is the alkaline earth element found in sparklers

Everyday Uses of Alkaline Earth Metals

Jul 22, 2020 - Emily Newton

We use different types of metals every day. Find out what elements make up the alkaline earth metals, and where might you encounter them in your daily life.

borax soap is one everyday use of alkali elements

Everyday Uses of Alkali Metals

Jul 15, 2020 - Emily Newton

What are alkali metals? Where might you encounter them in your everyday life? Here’s a quick refresher on Group 1 of the periodic table of elements.

Who Made the Periodic Table and Why?

Dec 6, 2018 - Emily Newton

Everyone knows the periodic table, but what is its history? Who made the periodic table, and why did the scientific community need it?