The Top 20 Amazing Science Magazines You Should Be Reading

The Top 20 Amazing Science Magazines You Need to Read

February 1, 2022 - Emily Newton

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Science and technology have advanced by leaps and bounds in the last couple of decades. It can be challenging to keep up with the latest advances, even for those who consider themselves science enthusiasts or self-proclaimed nerds. Science magazines are a great source of information and a way to fill in the gaps, but which ones should be on your subscription list? Check out our picks for the top 20 fantastic science magazines you should be reading right now.

1. Science Illustrated

For those that are a fan of science and technology but might get a bit bogged down in all the technical jargon, there is Science Illustrated. This magazine offers all sorts of articles about the latest advances in space travel, medicine, planetary sciences and more, but it’s all accompanied by gorgeous high-resolution photography and illustrations. You’ve never seen anything like this, especially when it comes to science magazines. 

2. Nature

For science enthusiasts who are most interested in content that focuses on the natural world and our effects on it, there is Nature Magazine. This publication serves as the flagship journal for the Nature Portfolio and is chock full of peer-reviewed research in a great variety of fields. You’ll find published papers, recent news, and more. An online-only subscription will cost $29.99/year, while a print + online subscription for weekly issues will cost $199.

3. Food Technology

We all love food, but have you ever wondered what goes into making the perfect snacks or making the industry more sustainable? Food Technology Magazine should be on your list. This magazine is the ideal choice for anyone fascinated with what it takes to bring your food from farm to table or anyone who might be concerned about food waste or the sort of impact that their food choices have on the environment around them. 

4. SERVO Magazine

There is nothing better than SERVO Magazine for those who are a fan of robotics. This magazine is filled with everything you might need to know about robotics, especially for those working on their DIY robotics projects. Find articles about recent advances, interviews with industry experts, tutorials for DIY projects and more. SERVO is also a fantastic resource for anyone who might be struggling to source parts for their at-home robotics projects.

5. Current World Archaeology

Sometimes, the best way to look forward is to see how far we’ve come. Current World Archeology Magazine has kept us updated on the latest archeology discoveries and innovations since 1967 and serves as the perfect bridge between amateur and professional archeologists. This is the ideal magazine for you if you’re a fan of learning about the past..

6. New Scientist

“Jack of all trades and a master of none” is what we often hear when people talk about learning new skills, but they miss the essential part of the quote: “but better than a master of one.” New Scientist Magazine is the perfect jack of all trades magazine, offering articles on different scientific topics. In any given issue, you can find articles on mathematics, botany, physics, nuclear power, and various other topics. 

7. Mineralogical Record

Rock hounds come in all shapes and sizes, from kids picking up chunks of quartz in their backyard to geologists who’ve spent years and countless amounts of money to study those same rocks. The Mineralogical Record is a magazine around since 1970, releasing new issues six times a year. There are articles about history, advances, discoveries, and more, written to make it accessible to hobbyists and professionals alike. 

Popular Mechanics is one of the most well-known science and technology magazines globally and for a good reason. This is the best option for anyone a fan of space, electronics, new technology, health, science, and automotive technologies. It’s also one of the more affordable science magazines on the market now, with a $4/month digital subscription option, or a digital and print subscription only costs $40.

9. T3

Gadgets are one of the most popular parts of science and technology advancements, especially for consumers. If you love knowing what is on the horizon regarding gadgets, T3 is the best option. This tech magazine launched in 1996 and has been one of the best options for tech info for decades. 

10. Science News

There is Science News magazine for readers who prefer their science news more frequently. This publication releases new issues every two weeks and is the perfect place to stay on top of recent advances in the fields of science and medicine. This is a strictly digital subscription, but it will only set you back $2.99 a month, and that gives you access to 22 issues a year, plus access to the magazine’s archives that date back to 1924.

11. Sky and Telescope

“For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.” – Vincent van Gogh.

We’ve gazed up at the stars and wondered what might be out there for nearly as long as humanity has existed in its current form. If you like to gaze up at the stars and dream, there is Sky and Telescope Magazine. This publication is the perfect choice for amateur astronomers. Whether you’ve just purchased your first telescope or you’re an old hat at amateur stargazing, you’re sure to find something that you didn’t know before.

12. National Geographic

It might be the most recognizable magazine name on this planet, but there’s a good reason behind it. National Geographic has provided information about science, natural history and other related topics for 134 years. A group of scholars founded the magazine in 1888 to teach others about geographic knowledge. It has evolved and improved over the last century into the fantastic magazine that we know and love today.

13. Physics Today

Most people don’t understand physics, but that doesn’t stop them from trying. Physics Today takes this challenging subject and makes it easier for the average person to understand. It’s never going to teach you to be a full-blown physicist. Still, if you’re interested in expanding your horizons or learning more about particle accelerators and string theory, this magazine should be on your reading list.

14. MAKE Magazine

For anyone who enjoys making things, there is MAKE magazine. This ezine is the perfect read for anyone interested in DIY projects or workshopping their inventions. The magazine itself is only distributed four times a year, but the digital subscription as well as the digital/print bundle both give you access to the zine’s entire 15-year run so that you can make your way back through thousands of projects. 

15. Scientific American

You can’t create a list of science magazines without including Scientific American. This magazine offers articles and opinion pieces that detail all of the latest scientific news. If something has happened in the scientific communities or one of its adjacent industries, it’s a fair bet that there is an article in SA about it or will be before too long.

16. Elektor

If electronics is your passion, Elektor is the magazine for you. This publication is designed for anyone who loves electronics, from the newest student to the seasoned professional and everyone in between. In addition to related news, each issue includes a construction project that you can work on in your own time. 

17. Smithsonian Magazine

The Smithsonian is one of the most famous museums in the United States — and possibly the world. While it isn’t a replacement for a trip to its hallowed halls, the Smithsonian Magazine is the perfect tool to keep you informed about all the newest innovations in science, the arts, nature, and natural history, just to name a few topics. 

18. Sea Technology

Not all of our technological advances are pointing toward the stars. Roughly 70% of the planet’s surface is covered with water, but as of 2022, we’ve explored less than 5% of the ocean floor. Sea Technology Magazine is the perfect magazine for anyone interested in marine science and technology. You can also find information about marine business and even some military applications for this technology; all included in this magazine.

19. Wired Magazine

If you’ve ever searched for an article on science, technology, or any related topics, you’ve probably come across Wired Magazine’s website at least once. The magazine offers both digital and print subscription options for $30 annually, though you can often find them running promotions that may cut that cost down to as little as $5 a year — and that includes the print subscription. 

20. Issues in Science & Technology

Where there is technology, there are policies to monitor and control it. Issues in Science & Technology might not be the most exciting magazine on this list. Still, it covers vitally important information on policy issues that can impact science and technology and how we get to interact with it in the future. 

Which Ones Make Your List?

This isn’t an exhaustive list of exciting science magazines by any means, but these are some of our favorites. Which of these magazines makes your list?

Revolutionized is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commision. Learn more here.


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