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7 Important Inventions Since 2020 That Shifted the World 

November 8, 2023 - Revolutionized Team

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Everyone hypes up the invention of the wheel, fire, and the Internet — but a lot has happened in the last couple of years that is worth discussing, too. In 2023, there are enough important inventions from the previous three years worth celebrating that get overlooked in the name of AI and self-driving cars. What are the more nuanced and practical inventions in recent history that inspire creativity and endless learning?

1. Impossible Meat

The Impossible Burger garnered fame in fast food chains as a delicious, plant-based alternative to beef. However, Impossible Pork was officially tested in 2020, which could change the meat production game forever. Pork is the world’s most consumed meat product, and if the Impossible version tastes as uncanny to the real thing as publicists claim, the environmental impact could be astounding. 

Its plant-based composition has the potential to provide pork to those who have never been able to experience it before, either due to costs, religious beliefs, or other limiting factors. It does this while reducing the planet’s emissions from relying on greenhouse gas-emitting meat production.

2. Xandar Kardian Contactless Automated Patient Monitoring

There are so many important inventions in the health care scope. In 2020, the world came out with the COVID-19 vaccine — a revolutionary invention. Despite the vaccine’s gravity, other inventions have arisen that were inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic that continued to revolutionize health care in even more grand ways. Keeping health environments sanitary and contactless was vital, and over $10 million in funding also believes this.

The XK300 uses radar to monitor patients’ most crucial biomarkers. It can measure vibrations, heartbeat, blood pressure, cholesterol — you name it. It expedites early detection of everything from cardiac arrest to respiratory distress. Its accuracy is unparalleled and will inspire a new age of medtech for keeping people living longer and healthier.

3. The Gott-Goldberg-Vanderbei Map

The Mercator projection is the most well-known map of the Earth, but it needs to be revised. For years, cartographers have tried to recreate the planet in the most correct way possible. It came with challenges, but a new variant arrived in the last couple of years. The double-sided approach gives a more precise rendering of the scope of land masses. It is still in progress but might be the century’s most pivotal map-making discovery.

4. Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit

Tech and gaming giant Logitech are bringing accessibility to a previously ignored space — video games. With the metaverse, AR, and VR becoming more popular, it is urgent tech companies begin testing and releasing products that allow all customers to enjoy gaming experiences — regardless of any limitations. 

Eventually, companies will achieve accessible full-body peripherals that fit with VR, but for now, Logitech is a forerunner by creating adaptive controllers. These key features increase gaming audiences and reduce disability stigma in the tech space:

  • Longer battery life
  • Wireless connectivity
  • More durable buttons
  • Customization
  • Flexible trigger options
  • Velcro and other attachment assistance

It seems trivial to count this as one of recent history’s most important inventions — it is just video games, after all. But, when you consider the cultural impact and spread into other industries gaming is making, it creates a more intersectional conversation in a relatively restrictive space for people with disabilities.

5. Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion and fission have been around for a long time, but they have never been commercialized. What is the point of marketing nuclear fusion, and what does that do for humanity as an important invention? Fusion reactors might be the key to infinite, clean hydrogen production. This is necessary for sprinting toward the green future the planet needs. 

The ITER reactor in France will open in a few years, and numerous others are popping up everywhere. It is critical this spreads into commonplace commercial territories because the sector needs optimizing to make it viable. Humanity is well on its way.

6. Organs on Demand

Transplants have long wait times because of limited resources. Many have their conditions worsen, or they die, waiting for something to become available. Medtech is leveraging 3D printing to make customized organs for patients using their own cells. 

Though this may not replace organ transplants from donors, it can assist in recovery and adapting during recovery. Though it is a new organ, using the patient’s biology could expedite how fast their body acclimates. This is essential for reducing the costs of expensive transplant-specific medication and care.

7. Humidity As Drinking Water

Kara Pure has done what WaterSeer attempted — create a machine that transforms the water from air into clean drinking water. Though this is a luxury product with luxury pricing, this invention could spread worldwide to a scale that could end water scarcity. Countries without clean drinking water could finally have reliable community access. Areas during a natural disaster and destroyed plumbing could stay hydrated while working to recover.

The product is meant for personal use in its form, but the beauty of these inventions is that they will inspire others to create even more influential and powerful versions. The world could soon achieve the Sustainable Development goal of increasing water access and sanitation for the masses. 

Important Inventions You May Not Have Heard Of

This is far from an exhaustive list — with evolutions in beauty, fashion, automotive, construction, and countless other industries, it is impossible to note them all. However, it’s essential to learn about these potentially undercover inventions to have hope in the progress the human population is making together. 

There is tangible progress in creating a more accessible, green, and healthy planet — the inventions might receive less media attention than other pop culture subjects. What do you know about changing the world that nobody is talking about?

Revolutionized is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commision. Learn more here.


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