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Interesting Trade School Programs for Aspiring Young Workers

January 18, 2023 - Emily Newton

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College was the most attractive route for aspiring young workers for decades, but this trend might be starting to change. University enrollment has seen a sharp decrease in recent years, mainly due to a lack of trust in the American educational system. Trade schools are one of the greatest beneficiaries of this change. Let’s go through some of the top trade school programs that you should consider if you’re just entering the workforce.


Many of the best trade school programs focus on high-tech occupations. As our world becomes more digital and fast-paced, the demand and salary for these jobs will continue to increase. If you have an interest in computers and want to make a career out of it, these jobs are right up your alley.

1. Database Administrator

Average salary: $97,000

Database administrators (DBAs) are responsible for overseeing the digital information systems of their companies. They make sure that the distribution of information is always secure and streamlined. A background in computer science is a high priority for employers, which you can attain through an advanced DBA program at many schools across the country.

2. Software Developer

Average salary: $121,00

Software developers have one of the highest starting salaries of any profession. You can expect to design and optimize computer applications and business operating systems, as well as assist other programmers in data documentation. Experience for this position is attainable through a fully online trade school program due to its high-tech nature.

3. Computer Systems Analyst

Average salary: $99,000

Computer systems analysts help companies maintain their digital platforms or implement new software when needed. With this position, you might end up working in health care, construction, finance or another unique industry you might not have foreseen. Experience in information technology (IT) is highly desirable. 

4. Web Developer

Average salary: $77,000

A web developer is a jack of all trades. They can create websites from scratch with different devices, play with graphic design and experiment with new machine learning tools. If you want to pursue this career, your trade school program should include lessons in multiple programming languages and a wide range of design platforms.

5. Computer Network Support Specialist

Average salary: $63,000

This position is IT-heavy, requiring you to help businesses maintain and troubleshoot their internet connections. Some cybersecurity is also involved. Make sure you take advantage of certifications from Microsoft and other tech companies. Your trade school should offer some special programs to bolster your resume as well.


The various fields of medicine also have some fantastic trade school programs. The healthcare sector saw a worrisome drop in employment during COVID-19, and many of the remaining workers are nearing retirement. You could graduate and step into one of these well-paying positions right away.

6. Registered Nurse

Average salary: $78,000

Registered nurses (RNs) are the Swiss army knives of the health care industry. You will be sure to find an open position once you complete your training. Your trade school of choice should have a state-sponsored program and multiple nursing degree options, including two associate degrees and a bachelor’s degree in the Science of Nursing.

7. Dental Hygienist

Average salary: $78,000

Dental hygienists also require a state-approved curriculum and at least an associate’s degree. At trade school, you’ll have to earn your license and pass various certifications in anatomy, x-ray technology, periodontics and other relevant subjects. The best trade school programs are the ones that cover different realms of expertise.

8. Medical Sonographer

Average salary: $78,000

This position specializes in using ultrasound equipment to identify and diagnose illnesses and injuries. Trade schools have state-of-the-art equipment and laboratories just like any other university, contrary to popular belief. Along with your degree, you’ll also have to pass a postsecondary program and earn certifications for specific jobs, such as vascular sonography.

9. Radiologic Technologist

Average salary: $61,000

Radiologic techs specialize in x-ray machines and computed tomography equipment to analyze patients’ internal ailments. Trade school programs for this profession include an associate’s degree in radiology or x-ray technology, as well as a final certification exam and other voluntary training seminars.

10. Medical Laboratory Technician

Average salary: $58,000

This trade school program involves carrying out all kinds of medical tests involving fluid and tissue samples. They play a key role in observing the changes in diseases, both chronic and infectious. An associate degree in medical laboratory technology is the bare minimum, but a bachelor’s degree is also available at most trade schools.

Trade School Programs Are Always Viable Options

Many young people feel pressured to attend a four-year university, but a bachelor’s degree doesn’t carry the same weight as it used to. Trade school programs offer more relevant hands-on experience and will make you prepared for the real world before you even graduate. Don’t feel like you have to go to college. Trade school programs are always a viable option.

Revolutionized is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commision. Learn more here.


Emily Newton

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