photo of saturn showing its rings

Interesting Facts About Saturn You Need to Know

Let's look at the sixth planet in our solar system, Saturn. Here are ten interesting facts about Saturn. Learn more now!
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example of a nebula were stars are born

What Does the Life Cycle of a Star Look Like?

Here's a closer look at the life cycle of a star, and how the size and mass of one of these stellar bodies affect its existence.
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More Than Spirals: Facts About Elliptical Galaxies

Spiral galaxies aren't the only ones out there in the night sky. Here is an exploration of some intriguing facts about elliptical galaxies.
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an artistic interpretation of Earth viewed from space

Exploring the Characteristics of Terrestrial Planets

Exploring the characteristics of terrestrial planets may not seem as exciting as you think, but wait until you find out that there's a whole lot in store for you to marvel over.
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A Little Strange: Facts About Irregular Galaxies

What happens if a galaxy isn't spiral, barred spiral or elliptical? Let's explore facts about irregular galaxies.
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Space documentaries cover topics from terrestrial life to interstellar travel.

7 Fascinating Space Documentaries to Watch Today

Looking for something new and intriguing to watch? Here are seven awesome space documentaries to check out today.
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20 Solar System Facts: The Ultimate Guide to Our Solar System

Let's take a look at our closest stellar neighbors. Here are some fantastic solar system facts that you might not have known.
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image of Neptune

Interesting Facts About Neptune You Need to Know

What makes Neptune, the beautiful blue gas giant, so special? Check out these interesting facts about Neptune to learn more.
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saturn's moons

Saturn’s Moons: An Oasis in the Outer Solar System

From lakes of liquid methane to alien ocean life, Saturn is an oasis in the outer reaches of our solar system, with incredible discoveries waiting to be found! 
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the jovian planets

The Jovian Planets: When Will We Visit the Outer Solar System?

Here’s a look into the future, at what a mission to the moons of Jupiter or Saturn might look like.
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Keck Telescope Views of Uranus

Interesting Facts About Uranus You Need to Know

Uranus is one of the biggest gas giants that we've ever seen. Check out these facts about Uranus now.
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rocket launch happens after a wet dress rehearsal

Why is a Wet Dress Rehearsal Important Before Launch?

Before the uncrewed Artemis 1 mission can even head toward the stars, the first step is a wet dress rehearsal. What is this and why is it crucial before a launch?
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a spiral galaxy is one of the many types of galaxies

How Many Types of Galaxies are There?

There are more than two trillion galaxies in the known universe. To classify types of galaxies, scientists use a few different approaches.
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Interesting Facts About Mars You Need to Know

It's the final inner planet and named after the Roman god of war. Here are some interesting facts about Mars. What fact surprised you?
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photo of pluto

Interesting Facts About Pluto You Need to Know

Our last stop in the solar system is Pluto, the former ninth planet. Check out these interesting facts about Pluto. Which ones did you know?
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Making Up the Universe: What Are Cosmic Objects?

There is so much more to the universe than what meets the eye. Explore some of the objects that make up our universe, from stars to distant galaxies and black holes.
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Interesting Facts About Mercury You Need to Know

What do you know about the planets in our solar system? Keep reading to learn interesting facts about Mercury, the closest planet to the sun.
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Should We Terraform Mars?

So why is NASA so excited to get to Mars? And is there anything we can do to make it easier for humans to live and breathe on Mars?
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More Than Stars in the Sky: Exploring Types of Planets

Not everything twinkling in the night sky is a star. Let's explore the different types of planets and where we might find them.
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planetary moons

The Coolest Planetary Moons in Our Solar System

Ice volcanoes, ocean life, and methane rain: from Luna to Titan, these are the most exciting moons in our solar system!
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10 Reasons Why Space Exploration is Inspiring

Here are 10 of the many missions that have helped inspire further space exploration & contribute to our ever-growing wonder & appreciation for the universe.
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Building a Space Shuttle: Did You Know It Can Take Years?

Building a space shuttle is a huge feat. What does it take? What challenges do individuals and commercial companies face with this knowledge?
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More Than One Sun: Exploring Binary Stars

Our home solar system only has one star, but that isn't the case for the rest of the universe. What are binary stars?
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the kuiper belt

Exploring the Mysteries of the Kuiper Belt

The Kuiper Belt could reveal the story of our solar system’s formation billions of years ago. Here's what awaits at the edge of deep space.
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It Looks Like Home: Facts About Barred Spiral Galaxies

The Milky Way Galaxy is the one we call home, but what is it? Let's explore facts about barred spiral galaxies.
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Interesting Facts About Jupiter You Need to Know

This massive gas giant is the first of the outer planets. Here are 10 interesting facts about Jupiter to know about this giant celestial being.
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Interesting Facts About Venus You Need to Know

Our tour of the solar system continues with Venus. Here are some facts about Venus every budding astronomy enthusiast should know.
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Facts About Nebulae: More Than Just a Dust Cloud

The universe is full of unique and beautiful things that we're just beginning to understand. Come explore some fact about nebulae.
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dark matter

Dark Matter: The Universe We Can’t See

To this day, no scientific instrument have yet detected the existence of dark matter particles. But lo and behold, there is evidence that indicates it is real!
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jupiter's moons

Jupiter’s Moons: The Most Exciting Corner of the Solar System

Jupiter's moons are among the largest and most unique moons in the solar system -- and they might even harbor alien life!
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Not Just Gas: Exploring Jovian Planet Characteristics

Jupiter. Saturn. Uranus. Neptune. What Jovian planet characteristics set these gas giants apart in the solar system?
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picture of a spiral galaxy

Spinning in the Black: Facts About Spiral Galaxies

The Milky Way Galaxy — the one we call home — is a type of spiral galaxy. Let's explore some facts about spiral galaxies!
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interesting picture of planet Earth

Interesting Facts About Earth You Need to Know

We continue our journey across the solar system to discuss some interesting facts about Earth. What makes our own planet so interesting? Learn more now!
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Stellar Classification: Do You Know the Different Classes of Stars?

Did you know that there are different types of stars in the night sky? Keep reading to learn about stellar classification and what their differences mean.
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extraterrestrial objects

Extraterrestrial Objects: What Do We Really Know?

Extraterrestrial objects may not be what you think. From exoplanets to ocean moons, the universe could be full of alien life.
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The Known Universe: What Do We Know So Far?

We know that space is big, but exactly how big is it? There's a lot of space out there in the known universe—what do we know so far?
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How to Become an Astronaut: Everything You Need to Know

If you're wondering how to become an astronaut, a bachelor’s degree is only the minimum requirement. It takes years of training to become an astronaut.
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Unlocking New Knowledge: Facts About the Milky Way and Recent Developments

Check out these facts about the Milky Way to get reminders of things you might have learned before, plus information about recent discoveries.
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Catacylismic Variable Stars: An Introduction

Cataclysmic variable stars are unique binary systems that feature one star donating mass to another.
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What Made the Spitzer Space Telescope Unique?

Telescopes help researchers learn about the universe. Spitzer Space Telescope could see infrared radiation. What legacy did Spitzer leave? Learn more now!
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Exciting New Discovery! Fossil Stars Found in the Milky Way

When scientists discovered Terzan 5, they assumed it was a globular cluster. However they found more than they bargained for.
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A Flash in the Night Sky: Exploring Types of Supernovae

Stars might seem eternal but when they reach the end of their life, they go out without a bang. What are the different types of supernovae?
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How Juno Helps Uncover Jupiter’s Secrets & the Mysteries of the Solar System’s Formation

A NASA probe named Juno, a small sample of Earthly rocket science, will hopefully be the key to uncovering some secrets about the fifth planet from the sun.
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terrestrial planets

The Complete Guide to the Terrestrial Planets

From scorching Venus to the deserts of Mars, this is your guide to our solar system's terrestrial planets.
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Does the TRAPPIST-1 System Have Too Much Water to Support Life?

One of the most exciting exoplanet discoveries in recent years is the TRAPPIST-1 System — anywhere from five to seven planets orbiting a sun, with at least a few of them in the star's habitable zone. Is it possible for a system like this to be too good to be true? Could a planet have too much water to support life?
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After the Flash: Exploring a Supernova Remnant

High-mass stars can explode, becoming a supernova. What’s left after the explosion? Learn more about the supernova remnant now.
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