Industrialization is the process by which a society or country transforms from an agricultural or handicraft-based economy to one based on large-scale manufacturing, industry, and technology. This process usually involves the adoption of new manufacturing technologies, such as the use of machines and automation, and the development of new systems of production, transportation, and communication.

The Industrial Revolution of the late 18th and early 19th centuries in Europe and North America was a key period of industrialization that transformed these regions and had a profound impact on the rest of the world. Industrialization has continued to be a major force shaping economies and societies around the world, with many countries undergoing their own processes of industrialization in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Now, the industrial world is going through another revolution. Manufacturers, supply chain managers and engineers need to keep up with the growing demands of a globally connected world.

How will industry leaders keep up with these every-increasing changes? They read about what’s working in their industry. Discover the latest industrialization trends now!

Latest Articles

Improve Your Supply Chain Visibility With AI and IoT

Apr 22, 2021 - Emily Newton

As supply chain visibility becomes more essential to logistics operations, many businesses are turning to AI and IoT to better track and manage shipments.

savoy field from a bio farm

How To Make the Industrialized Food System More Sustainable

Apr 20, 2021 - Emily Newton

People frequently realize that sustainability is not always a descriptor associated with the industrialized food system. Here’s how new technologies and techniques could change that.

Lean Manufacturing Benefits From More Smart Tech

Apr 13, 2021 - Emily Newton

There’s a growing trend of lean manufacturers embracing smart technologies. Here are some exciting outcomes of that approach.

2021 Warehouse Automation Trends You Need to Know

Mar 16, 2021 - Revolutionized Team

In 2021, new data collection and processing tech may drive a range of new automation trends—like predictive maintenance and new robotics.

semiconductor manufacturing

Microelectronics Manufacturing Heading Back to USA

Mar 11, 2021 - Emily Newton

The United States has a dwindling influence on semiconductor manufacturing. Efforts to boost domestic manufacturing could change that.

Trials for Drone Deliveries Aim To Solve Logistical Challenges

Feb 1, 2021 - Emily Newton

Are drone deliveries the answer to last-mile delivery challenges? Check out these real-world examples that explore that all-important question and could impact society for the better.

superconductor in action

Why Are Room-Temperature Superconductors a Revolutionary Breakthrough?

Dec 28, 2020 - Emily Newton

Superconductors are crucial for powering electrical plants and heavy equipment. A room-temperature superconductor could revolutionize the energy industry.

semiconductor supply chain

Reasons the Semiconductor Supply Chain Needs More Security

Dec 14, 2020 - Emily Newton

Shortages in the semiconductor supply chain could impact production of everything from smartphones to medical equipment. Keeping it secure is crucial.

You Should Know the Types of Circuit Boards

Nov 1, 2020 - Emily Newton

Chances are you use dozens of PCBs a day. They’re in many different gadgets. Learn more about the different types of circuit boards now.

Everything You Need to Know About Agricultural Science

Aug 11, 2020 - Emily Newton

What does the agricultural science sector do and how does it differ from agriculture? Take a closer look at the different types of agricultural science and the degrees and careers you can pursue in the field.

How to Create a Resilient Supply Chain

Jul 21, 2020 - Emily Newton

Lockdowns due to COVID stress the importance of supply chain resiliency. What can you do to build a resilient supply chain? Learn more now!

10 Opportunities for RFID Systems in Manufacturing

Jun 18, 2020 - Emily Newton

Is your manufacturing enterprise taking advantage of RFID systems yet? Here are 10 ways they can improve your operations.

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