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the effects of deforestation are more widespread than the edges of the forest

Deforestation Hurts Us in More Ways Than One

Oct 6, 2017 - Emily Newton

Deforestation happens for a variety of reasons at the cost of ecosystems & species. Read now to learn how the effects of deforestation impact the world.

Improving Auto Emissions With Carbon-Neutral Synthetic Fuels

Sep 19, 2017 - Emily Newton

Switching to carbon-neutral synthetic fuels is almost as difficult as it is to produce them. However, it has potential to greenhouse gas emissions.

Cassini Spacecraft

The Life and Times of the Cassini Spacecraft

Sep 14, 2017 - Emily Newton

The Cassini spacecraft was in orbit around Saturn since it reached the gas giant in 2004 until September, 2017. Read more about Cassini now.

Did Scientists Just Find a Clue to Alien Life on Titan?

Aug 8, 2017 - Emily Newton

We typically imagine alien life as humanoid. However, vinyl cyanide, a compound toxic on Earth, could be a building block for life in the oceans on Titan.

Can Seeding the Ocean With Iron Help Stave off Climate Change?

Jul 3, 2017 - Emily Newton

Will seeding the ocean with dissolved iron help reduce the effects of climate change by encouraging phytoplankton blooms?

Why Does Humanity Have a Doomsday Seed Vault?

Jun 6, 2017 - Emily Newton

Lying deep within a mountain on Norway’s Svalbard archipelago in Spitsbergen is the Doomsday Seed Vault. But why does it exist? How can it save humanity?

Unseen Dangers in the Ocean Threaten Life

May 23, 2017 - Emily Newton

To protect the environment and the ecosystems involved, we need to reduce the amount of microscopic plastic particles in our oceans.

Neuroscience Found a Way to Keep Your Brain Young

Apr 4, 2017 - Emily Newton

Prevent a loss of cognitive function with simple steps designed to protect and improve your brain’s health. If done regularly, it’ll keep your mind sharp.

Should We Terraform Mars?

Mar 28, 2017 - Emily Newton

So why is NASA so excited to get to Mars? And is there anything we can do to make it easier for humans to live and breathe on Mars?

What Did We Learn From the Chemical Mapping the Amazon Rainforest?

Mar 14, 2017 - Emily Newton

Scientists have found a way to map the Amazon Rain Forest using airborne chemical mapping and analyzing the chemical signatures.

TRAPPIST-1: What Makes Finding 7 Earth-Sized Planets Significant?

Mar 9, 2017 - Emily Newton

Researchers believe the discovery around TRAPPIST-1 will a key component for future study of Earth-sized planets and their surrounding atmospheres.

Building a Space Shuttle: Did You Know It Can Take Years?

Jan 17, 2017 - Emily Newton

Building a space shuttle is a huge feat. What does it take? What challenges do individuals and commercial companies face with this knowledge?

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NASA's Perseverance Rover successfully touched down on the red planet on February 18, 2021. The rover's main goal is to search for signs of alien life. Perseverance will also collect rock samples and regolith for a possible return to earth. Thumbnail Credit: NASA

The term 5G has been a buzzword on the internet for some time now, but what exactly is this technology and how is it different from our current 4G networks? Watch this video Tech Vision to learn about this technology or read our article about 5G technology before it becomes mainstream. Thumbnail Designed by Freepik